Zemira on”Hiring Really Good Sales People”…PART1

If you are a sale manager. If you lead a sales team and in charge of hiring the best people you can find. Then you must listen to THIS!

The most important responsibly a sales leader has is to hiring the right sales people and to put together the best possible team for the task at hand.

The best sales people are usually the ones promoted to sales manager. Maybe you were one of those high performers. Unfortunately, many sales managers who were good sellers are unconsciously incompetent about hiring really good sales people just like you were. It is a real skill that should be studied and mastered at a very high level. You can not afford to rely on the luck-of-the-draw when hiring your future. This audio will point you into the right direction.

Let me know what you think after listening to PART 1 of this talk about hiring Great Sales People.


2 Comments on “Zemira on”Hiring Really Good Sales People”…PART1

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  2. Zemira, this is really helpful. As a former recruiter, turned talent management consultant, I am working with clients on how to revamp their recruitment, hiring and training of sales (and other) talent. You can’t rely on old job descriptions and interview guides, but must tease out the real competencies required to perform well in the role and the associated questions to ask in the interview. This goes a long way to level the playing field and get greater diversity – which most companies say they want. Also interviewers need to learn how to assess or score the quality of the responses so there is no defaulting to the “well, I just liked so-and-so better…” Keep up the good work.

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