“The Future of Media Project” …The Results of My Work & Many Others

Broadcast Does Have A Future ! and you are living it NOW…

Over the past year and a half I have been an adviser to the FCC on the state of radio. Recently, the commission launched a new initiative called the “Future of Media Project”. The massive disruption of traditional media has turned the commission’s charter and regulatory priorities on its head. This project was designed to help the Commission through a rigorous process of self-inspection and to acquire a better grasp of the competitive pressures impacting the medium it was charged to regulate.

The Project has received a fair amount of press and today was the unveiling of the study. The Commission selected me as one of 12 industry advisers on this project and I was happy to me part of it. Our role was to advise the Commission on the state of media today and offer recommendations toward a healthier future for broadcast. The Project had four areas of focus: Commercial Media (I represented Radio), Non-profit Media, Non-Media Institutions, and Key Cross-Cutting Issues. Each adviser was asked to share his/her views with the Commission over time and then summarize their positions with a white paper.

Today The FCC released the full report including the work of all 12 advisers. Attached, check out the link to The FCC’s live presentation recorded on June 9, 2011. I hope you will find it helpful. We believe it is an eye-opening work.

Yours for better media,



Our presentation was the third item on the agenda of Chairman Julius Genachowski . Feel free to skip through the first half hour to the time mark at 29:10. There you will find our spot on the agenda.



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